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Sign Permit Forms and Information

Download  Sign Permit Application    **NEW** February 2, 2022

**NEW**  May 26, 2021:  Sealed engineering drawings are required for most Sign Permit Applications.  Exceptions may include flags, banners, or ground signs without a foundation.  Exceptions may be granted at the City’s sole discretion. 

After a sign is installed, the Sign Contractor must submit a signed letter, in preapproved format, to the City. The letter must certify construction and installation complies with permit documents and all applicable Codes and Ordinances. The City will provide the preapproved format with approved sign permit documents. 

The above policy replaces the requirement that a  Special Inspector certify sign construction and installation.

  • Sign Permit Applications will only be accepted via e mail.  Paper applications will no longer be accepted.
  • Electrical permits will only be available through BS&A Online. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.
  • Payments must be done through BS&A Online. Other payment forms will not be processed.
  • Approved electrical and sign permits must be downloaded from BS&A Online.  The City will not provide e-mail copies.
  • All new signs must comply with the 2015 Michigan Building Code, Appendix H, as modified by the City.

BS&A Online allows you to:  
  • Download and pay for approved Sign Permit applications
  • Apply, pay for, and download Electrical Permits
  • BS&A Online Print and Save Permit  How To 
  • Check outstanding balances 
  • Make credit card payments 

Applications, maps & codes:

 Contact Paul Evans, evanspm@troymi.gov with any questions.

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