City of Troy

500 West Big Beaver
Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 248.524.3300

Code Enforcement

Paul Evans

Appointments are required for in-person services. Payments and documents may be deposited in the drop boxes outside City Hall.  Please call (248) 524-3364 or email planning@troymi.gov for more information.

Paul Evans

Paul Evans | Zoning and Compliance Specialist

Code Enforcement promotes and maintains an attractive, healthy, and safe City.  We do this by influencing and eventually eliminating negative behaviors that contribute to blight.  We address incompatible land uses, unkempt properties, and unsafe buildings.  But cleaning up blight is not the only thing we do to keep Troy a desirable place to live, work, and play. 

Zoning Board of Appeals and Animal Control Appeals Board

Code Enforcement is the principal contact for the Zoning Board of Appeals.  More information can be found here: Zoning Board of Appeals.

Code Enforcement is the principal contact for the Animal Control Appeals Board.  More information can be found here:  Animal Control Appeals Board

Sign Permits

Code Enforcement administers the Sign Ordinance.  Our Sign Ordinance establishes a balance between community appearance and business success.  Most private signs in Troy require Sign Permits.  Click here for sign permit information.

Title Companies

To verify outstanding invoices on a property, please email the Treasurer's Department, or call 248.524.3333.

Contact planning@troymi.gov or call 248.524.3364 to find out if there are existing Property Maintenance or Zoning violations.