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Outdoor Water Use Restrictions

Outdoor Water Use Restrictions

WEDNESDAY 8/17, 1:30PM: Effective immediately, the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) is requesting all residents and businesses to suspend outdoor irrigation that uses City supplied water. The City of Troy's emergency suspension order will allow the regional water system to adequately supply water pressure to our residents and businesses including hospitals and fire protection.

On Saturday, 8/13 GLWA experienced a watermain break in its transmission line near Port Huron. This line is responsible for supplying 80% of Troy residents and businesses with water. Since the break, GLWA has diverted its water from the Detroit Treatment Plant to continue its supply to the City of Troy and other surrounding communities. The Detroit supply line is not necessarily designed to supply water to these many customers at once. The temporary suspension will alleviate further burden on an already taxed system.

The suspension is expected to last until the estimated repair dated, which according to GLWA is September 3, 2022. A Boil Water Advisory is not required with the suspension of outdoor irrigation.

The City of Troy, through its contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority, is obligated to take steps to ensure that whenever possible, the use of the municipal water system shall be used during the non-peak hours of 11pm to 5am.  

Outdoor Water Use Restrictions Ordinance

The use of garden hoses and hand watering are not affected by this ordiance.
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