City of Troy

500 West Big Beaver
Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 248.524.3300

Water & Sewer

Paul Trosper

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Paul Trosper | Water & Sewer Operations Manager

The Water & Sewer Division is dedicated to serving residents of the City of Troy by ensuring that the quality of the drinking water is above all standards and that the water needed to fight fires is never compromised. They are also dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient discharge of wastewater to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) waste treatment facility.

Water & Sewer Division provides safe, clean and abundant drinking water for the residents of Troy and maintains the distribution and collection systems.

Water and/or Sewer Emergencies
In the case of a water and/or sewer emergency Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm please contact the Troy Water and Sewer Division at 248.524.3370. During non-business hours please contact the Troy Police Department at 248.524.3477.

If you experience an overflow or a backup of a sewage disposal system or storm water system, you must file a written claim with the city within 45 days after the overflow or back up is discovered. Notice should be mailed to:
      City of Troy- City Attorney’s Office
      500 W. Big Beaver
      Troy, MI 48084
Failure to provide notice, in writing, within 45 days after the date the damage or physical injury was discovered, will prevent recovery of damages for any loss.  Please contact the city immediately upon discovery of any overflow or backup.
Call 248.524.3320 or email cheryl.rivera@troymi.gov for additional information.