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Water & Sewer

Jason Schmidt | Water & Sewer Operations Manager

Water & Sewer Division
The Water & Sewer Division is dedicated to serving residents of the City of Troy by ensuring that the quality of the drinking water is above all standards and that the water needed to fight fires is never compromised. They are also dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient discharge of wastewater to the Great Lakes Water Authority Waste Treatment Plant. The 
Water & Sewer Division provides safe, clean and abundant drinking water for the residents of Troy and maintains the distribution and collection systems.

Water and/or Sewer Emergencies
In the case of a water and/or sewer emergency Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, contact the Troy Water and Sewer Division at 248.524.3370. During non-business hours, contact the Troy Police Department at 248.524.3477.

Keep Clogs out of the Sanitary System
The Troy Water & Sewer Division would like to remind everyone that many household items should not be flushed into the sewer system. These items not only clog pipes in your home but can cause a sanitary sewer backup in basements and clogged toilets. At this time, disinfectants are in high demand, and it is especially vital we care for our sanitary sewer system. We kindly ask that everyone do their part to keep our sanitary system clog-free!
Don't Flush These Items 

4693 Rochester
Troy, MI 48085
*Please note that quarterly bill payments are not taken at this location. Consult the back of your water bill for payment options and locations. 

Office Hours 

Payment & Billing
Please note that the Troy Water & Sewer Division does not shut water off for late payment or failure to pay. The Water & Sewer Division does not collect payment in person by going door to door.

Water Testing
Routine water testing is still being performed throughout the city on a regular basis and we have made arrangements and contingency plans to ensure testing will continue without interruption. The Water & Sewer Division is in contact with GLWA to ensure Troy's water continues to remain clean and safe.

 Lead & Copper Monitoring Update 


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