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Backflow Assembly Testing

Commercial & Residential Backflow Testing

Backflow is the reversal of the normal direction of water flow, which could result in undesirable materials entering the potable water supply. To ensure that safe, clean water is being distributed to all customers, the City of Troy requires that every commercial and residential property install and routinely test their backflow prevention device(s).

These backflow preventers are mechanical devices and are subject to failure from wear and tear, corrosion, freezing, water conditions, and misuse. Testing these devices ensures that they are operating as required to prevent the backflow of contaminates into the municipal water supply.

Backflow Testing Letter

Commercial Backflow Testing
Backflow testing on commercial properties is required once a year and must be completed by a certified backflow tester.  Questions regarding commercial backflow testing can be directed to the Cross Connection Inspector at 248.524.3398 or KapciaMR@troymi.gov.

Residential Backflow Testing
Backflow testing for residential properties is required every three years according to the corresponding water billing district. Each water billing district is assigned a specific year for testing. This testing must be completed by a certified backflow tester.  The Water & Sewer Department will notify residents via mail based on their water billing district when it is time to complete their testing. Testers should return a copy of all completed forms to property owners and the City of Troy, Water & Sewer Department. Questions regarding residential backflow testing can be directed to 248.619.7266 or BackflowTesting@troymi.gov.


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