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Mount Vernon Estates Subdivision Concrete Slab Replacement Project
All dates are weather dependent - schedule is subject to change
Tentative Schedule

Week of June 18th:
The contractor will begin pouring concrete on the 19th in Phase 4. 

  • Driveways in Phase 4 will be inaccessible while the contractor removes and pours the new concrete.
  • Updates will be provided as they are available.

Mount Vernon Estates Letter
Phasing Map
Phase 1 & 2 Traffic Plan
Phase 3 & 4 Traffic Plan

Please note: Concrete slab replacement will take place on the following streets: Bankle, Cumberland, Fairfield, Greensboro, Hillcrescent, Lancashire, Marywood, Middlebury, Mount Vernon, Oldbridge, Post, Ramblewood, Washington Crescent

Roads in Mount Vernon Estates (MVE) that are not part of the concrete slab replacement project will be receiving an asphalt overlay in Summer 2018. Unassigned Fund Balance from the current fiscal year was appropriated as a one time expenditure to roads. Due to the alignment of the already scheduled asphalt project in MVE with the newly available funds, City Administration was able to schedule a concrete project to address the most high traffic roads in this subdivision. The asphalt overlay portion of the project will be handled by the City of Troy Engineering Department (248.524.3383).

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Department of Public Works
Ashely Levin, Project Manager

Somerset Park Apartments - Somerset, Kirts to Coolidge

All dates weather dependent - schedule is subject to change

Phase 1: Westbound Somerset, Kirts to Coolidge 
Phase 2: Eastbound Somerset, Kirts to Coolidge

Week of June 18th:
The contractor will be working to close up the remaining areas that are gapped.


For the duration of this project only WB traffic will be permitted (shifted to EB Somerset). The following detour will be posted for EB Somerset traffic:

  • WB Somerset > NB Coolidge > EB Golfview > WB Somerset
  • During this time, traffic will not be permitted to enter Somerset from Coolidge.
  • Additionally, the intersection of Dorchester @ Somerset will be closed for the duration of this project; through traffic will not be permitted.

Expected Completion: June 2018

Local Road Concrete Slab Replacement

All dates weather dependent - schedule is subject to change
All local road slab replacement has been completed.

The contractor will replace half of the road at a time to avoid full road closures. During this time driveways may be inaccessible while the contractor is working. If a driveway will be inaccessible the contractor will provide a notice on the door of the home at least 24 hours in advance so that vehicles do not get blocked in driveways.

Once the concrete has been removed the area will be formed and graded. After concrete has been poured it will need to cure (or dry) for at least 5-10 days. Once the concrete has fully cured it will be re-opened and the contractor will flip to the other side of the street and repeat the process.

Please check back for updates as this project progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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