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Sidewalk & Driveway Approach Replacement Program

The City of Troy has an ongoing sidewalk maintenance and handicap ramp improvement program. Every year, sidewalks and driveway approaches requiring preventative maintenance and non-compliant ADA handicap ramps are selected for replacement by the Department of Public Works. The objective is to alleviate the potential for pedestrian injuries due to tripping hazards, uneven or broken surfaces. An ongoing maintenance program significantly reduces the possibility of legal action being taken.

Who is responsible for sidewalk & driveway approach replacement costs?

Depending on the reason for replacement, either the City or the property owner is responsible for the cost of replacing the sidewalk or driveway approach. When the City is responsible for the cost of replacement, the sidewalk or approach will be marked with orange paint. When the property owner is responsible for the cost of replacement, the sidewalk or approach will be marked with green paint.

The City is financially responsible for the cost of replacement under the following conditions:
- Damage is caused by trees located in the right of way
- Damage is caused by the construction of City utilities, but not utility trench settlement
- The sidewalk is located on the side street portion of a corner lot, other than those at a driveway crossing    
- Street intersection crosswalks and handicap ramps

The cost for sidewalk and approach repair beyond the conditions listed above become the responsibility of the property owner under the following conditions:
- Trip Step: Uneven sidewalk slabs that have developed a surface offset of 3/4" or greater
- Cracked: Sidewalk slabs that have two or more cracks or cracks that have begun to separate
- Spalled: Sidewalk slabs that have 25% or greater surface deterioration
- Tree root: Raised sidewalk slabs due to roots from a tree located on the property owners property
- Settled: Lowered sidewalk slabs that can hold water due to compaction of soil underneath, must be greater than 1 1/2"

How can I arrange for the City’s Contractor to repair my sidewalk?
If your sidewalk has been marked with GREEN paint, you will receive a notification in the mail prior to the work being scheduled with our contractor. If you would like the City’s contractor to make the necessary repairs to your sidewalk, please sign and return the notice before deadline date listed on the notification.  This will automatically put you on the contractor’s repair list.  The cost will be the same as explained on the notification.

If you have ORANGE marks on your sidewalk you will not receive this notification as there is no cost to the homeowner. 

Can I hire the City’s contractor for additional private work?
Yes, you can hire the City’s contractor for additional private work by having your own contract or
private agreement with the company.  The City will not be involved or responsible for any additional private work.

Do I have to use the City’s contractor?
No, you can make the necessary repairs to your sidewalk yourself or you may hire any licensed contractor you choose to make the repairs.  Any sidewalk or driveway approach replacement larger than 50 square feet requires a permit from the Building Department (located in City Hall).  The work will need to be inspected by the Department of Public Works once it is finished.

Is leveling permitted?
Yes, leveling is permitted if the concrete is not cracked, shattered or severely spalled.

What is concrete leveling?
Leveling is a procedure that remedies a number of subsurface problems by injecting a special compound
mixture through small, precisely drilled holes in the concrete.  This procedure fills all voids under the concrete and raises the segment to the original grade while stabilizing and increasing the load bearing ability of the concrete.  Concrete leveling offers the following benefits:
       - Repairs are made quickly with little inconvenience.
       - Repaired surfaces may be driven on immediately.
       - Repairs maintain the original color of concrete.
Will the City’s contractor replace any dirt or grass if needed?
Yes, part of the sidewalk repair contract includes repair and replacement of all landscaping that is disturbed by the removal and replacement of sidewalk slabs.

Is the City’s contractor insured?
Yes, the City requires that the contractor be insured and bonded. 

Am I protected against vandalism and damage?
After the walk is poured, the contractor will be present for a few hours as it sets. The property owner is asked to keep an eye on the sidewalk for a day or two afterward and to inform the City if any damage or  vandalism  is  done.  In  the  past,  the  most  common  problem  with  sidewalks  has  been  spalling.  This damage occurs to  the  surface  of newly  poured  walk  during the  winter  months  due  to the  use  of salt. The City’s contractor will spray a curing compound on the sidewalk to help prevent this problem from occurring. It is, however, a good idea not to use salt on your newly poured sidewalks during the winter. A number of non-salt, de-icing products are available at local retail outlets.

How will I know if the work is completed correctly?
City  inspectors  will  check  and  correct  all  work  performed  by  its  contractor  before
any  payment  is made. The City suggests that you do the same and inspect all work that you contract out personally. If you do hire your own contractor, please consider the following suggestions and mandates:
- The use of 6-sack concrete
- A broom finish
- Re-sodding of grassy areas that die out because of the sidewalk repair
- Application of curing compound after the concrete has been poured
- Expansion strips should be placed every 50 feet of newly poured continuous sidewalk
- Expansion  strips  should  be  placed at  the  back  of  the  curb  and  front  of  the  sidewalks adjacent to each driveway approach and service walk
- Sidewalk must be 4” thick and not less than 6” thick at any driveway crossing
- Driveway approaches must be 6” thick
- A permit is required for replacement of more than 50 square feet of concrete
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