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Report a Pothole

Reporting a Pothole is Easy!
Use the map shown below to contact the correct organization. 

Jurisdiction Map
Road Jurisdiction Map

Who do I Contact?
For issues with potholes it's important you contact the correct organization.

City Roads (Orange)
We have a Citizen Portal where anyone is able to report an issue. Alternatively, contact the Department of Public Works at 248.524.3392 to report a pothole on a City road.

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County Roads (Blue)
County roads are handled by the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC). Pothole may be reported at 877.858.4804 or through the RCOC portal.

RCOC Portal

State Roads (Green)
State roads are controlled by Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). You can report state road issue at 888.296.4546  or through the Report a Pothole page found on the MDOT website.

MDOT Portal

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