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Recycling Carts 
New to Troy? Need a replacement cart or bin? Call the City of Troy Department of Public Works at 248.524.3392 or submit your request here. Recycling carts must be left with the house if you are moving. Carts are associated with the property address.
Note: If you are looking to purchase a 90-gallon refuse cart, please contact Tringali directly at 248.585.9120. The request form is only for recycling carts. 

Additional Cardboard Drop Off Location Available: 
Troy residents can recycle excess cardboard for free and without an appointment at:
- Department of Public Works, 4693 Rochester Road (available year round, other materials not accepted)

A dumpster is located in the parking lot as noted below and will be emptied as needed. Please break down all cardboard as best as possible. Only cardboard can be disposed at this location - no trash or other materials are accepted. Troy residents may continue to recycle cardboard at SOCRRA (appointment required). Please call the Department of Public Works with any questions 248.524.3392

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Styrofoam Recycling at SOCRRA
The City of Troy follows a Mixed Recycling process where all your recyclables are placed loose in the recycling cart or bin. No need to separate paper from plastic, glass and metal. Recycling is collected weekly curbside on your trash day. Collection starts at 7 am and runs until complete.  

Using Your Recycling Cart

Paper, cartons, metal, glass, cardboard and plastic can all be combined together in your cart.  Rinse out all cartons, cans, and any other food containers before placing in the cart or bin.  All recycling must be placed in your cart, anything placed outside the cart will be collected as refuse.  Please note that plastic wrap, plastic bags of any kind, styrofoam and batteries are not picked up curbside and should not be placed in your cart or bin.  These items can be taken to the SOCRRA Recycling Center at 995 Coolidge by appointment

Curbside Recycling Guidelines
Paper: Recycle paperback books, newspapers, junk mail, and cardboard/paperboard (cereal, laundry soap boxes, ice cream containers, milk and juice boxes) in your cart. All paper items can be placed loosely in the cart; bagging or bundling of these items is not required. Shredded paper can be placed in a clear plastic bag and placed inside the recycling cart.

Cardboard: Cardboard must be placed in the cart or bin.  Flatten and reduce into pieces no larger than 3'x3' in size.  Remove and dispose of all packing material. Any cardboard placed outside of the cart will be collected as refuse. Please see the bottom of the this page for additional information on recycling cardboard at alternative locations throughout the year.

Plastic Containers: Wash all food and residue from the bottles, jugs or containers. Place dry plastic containers loosely into the cart. Troy recycles all plastic container codes 1 - 7. Bulky rigid plastics larger than a 5-gallon bucket are not recycled at the curb but can be taken to SOCRRA by appointment. 

Glass Bottles: All glass bottles and jars of any color can be placed inside the recycling cart. Please rinse all glass items thoroughly. Pyrex, china, ceramics, mirrors, coffee cups, plates, and window glass are not recyclable. 

Metal Cans: Empty, clean metal and aerosol cans are collected curbside. Place any loose metal lids inside cans. 

Recycling at SOCRRA (995 Coolidge)
Please do not place any of the following items in recycling carts or bins. These items cannot be recycled curbside and must be taken to SOCRRA by appointment:
- Scrap metal     
- Chemicals, paints and oils 
- Electronics
- Batteries
- Styrofoam

Household Batteries
Batteries are not accepted curbside as they become a fire hazard when transported in the trucks. Please dispose of batteries by appointment at SOCRRA. Note: SOCRRA does not recycle batteries. Batteries are accepted by SOCRRA as a convenience to Troy residents so they may be properly disposed of.

Styrofoam is not collected at the curb. All styrofoam items, except for peanuts, are permitted for recycling at SOCRRA by appointment. 

Electronics Recycling
SOCRRA is currently open by appointment only. Please make an appointment to dispose of electronic hazardous waste. SOCRRA accepts computer monitors, CPUs, printers, TVs, radios, cell phones, telephones, copy machines, scanners, fax machines, video game systems, and routers. Visit SOCRRA's website for a complete listing of accepted items. Please remove any personal information from electronic devices before recycling; SOCRRA does not offer this service.

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