City of Troy

500 West Big Beaver
Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 248.524.3300


The City of Troy follows a Mixed Recycling process where all your recyclables are placed loose in the recycling cart or bin. No need to separate paper from plastic, glass and metal. Recycling is collected weekly curbside on your trash day. Collection starts at 7 am and runs until complete.  

SOCRRA Recycling CartClick the button below to learn more about the mixed recycling process and how it works.

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New construction home or new to Troy and need a Recycling Cart or Bin?

Call the Troy DPW at 248.524.3392 or submit your request here
Please note if you are looking to obtain a large refuse cart, please contact Tringali directly at 248.585.9120. The request form is only for recycling carts.

What if I move? 
Recycling Carts must be left for the new resident. Carts are tied to the property address.  

Using Your Recycling Cart
Paper, cartons, metal, glass, cardboard and plastic can all be combined together in your cart.  Rinse out all cartons, cans, and any other food containers before placing in the cart or bin.  All recycling must be placed in your cart, anything placed outside the cart would be considered trash.

Please note that plastic wrap, plastic bags of any kind, styrofoam and batteries are not picked up curbside and should not be placed in your cart or bin.  These items can be taken to the SOCRRA Recycling Center at 995 Coolidge. 

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Curbside Recycling Guidelines

Recycle paperback books, newspapers, junk mail and cardboard/paperboard (i.e. cereal, laundry soap boxes, ice cream containers, milk and juice boxes), just place all paper items in your bin or cart - no bundling, bagging or tying required.  Shredded Paper -Place in a clear plastic bag, then place inside cart.

Cardboard must be placed in the cart or bin.  Flatten and reduce into pieces no larger than 3'x3' in size.  Remove and dispose of all packing material.  Please note that cardboard jammed into the cart may get stuck, so please follow instructions to ensure that your cart can be fully emptied.

Wash all food and liquid residue from the bottles, jugs or containers, let dry and place loosely into the cart or bin. Troy allows all plastic container codes 1 through 7.  Bulky Rigid Plastics larger than a 5-gallon bucket are not recycled curbside but can be taken to SOCRRA.

All glass bottles/jars of any color are acceptable just rinse and place empty bottle into the cart. Pyrex, china, ceramics, mirrors, coffee cups, plates or window glass are not recyclable.

Empty metal and aerosol cans are collected curbside: clean, place loose metal lids inside metal cans and squeeze.

Recyclables that go to SOCRRA
Please do not place any of the following items in your cart or bin, they can not be recycled curbside and must be taken to the SOCRRA Recycling Center to be recycled:
     Scrap metal
     Chemicals, paints and oils (Household Hazardous Waste Disposal)
     Plastic bags, zip-lock baggies (with zip section removed) & Plastic Wrap
     Electronics (Electronics Recycling)
     Batteries (Household Hazardous Waste Disposal)
     Bulky Rigid Plastics (Plastic Lawn Furniture, Totes, Bins, Crates & Plastic Toys)
SOCRRA - 995 Coolidge Hwy, Troy, MI (between 14 Mile and Maple) 

Drop Off Hours - SOCRRA is currently open by appointment only at this time. Please make an appointment to recycle any of the items listed above.

Household Batteries
Batteries are no longer collected curbside, please take to SOCRRA. Batteries can become a fire hazard when transported in the recycling truck. Note: batteries are not recycled, SOCRRA collects batteries through the Hazardous Household Waste program as a convenience to Troy residents so they may be properly disposed of.

Styrofoam Recycling at SOCRRA
Styrofoam has never been collected curbside due to its bulkiness as it takes up too much space. If you were adding foam products to your cart or bin, they ended up getting sorted out as trash. It is however, accepted at SOCRRA’s Recycling Drop-Off Center. All foam items, except for peanuts, are allowed. Thanks to the efforts of Troy residents and the SOCRRA community, SOCRRA is the largest recycler of Styrofoam in Michigan!