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Refuse & Recycling

Emily Frontera

Emily Frontera

Emily Frontera | Public Works Coordinator
The Refuse and Recycling Division provides refuse collection by a private contractor, Tringali Sanitation, once per week servicing over 30,000 single-family homes, condominiums, mobile homes, duplexes, and small commercial businesses. Refuse from 3,284 apartments is also collected on a weekly basis.

City of Troy provides curbside recycling services to about 28,000 households. Troy residents recycled over 4,100 tons of materials including newspapers, glass, plastic, and metals.

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Help keep essential workers safe by bagging and securely closing all trash. When using a garbage can, all trash must go into the can bagged and securely closed.  Please refer to the
 Refuse & Recycling Guidelines for full details on how to prepare your curbside materials properly. 

SOCRRA Drop Off Center Closed

SOCRRA is currently closed to support the recommended social distancing practices and reduction of nonessential activities by all residents under the advisement of the Governor and Oakland County.  Please hold materials until SOCRRA has re-opened. 

Alternative drop-off loccations for safe disposal or recycling of HHW, electronics, paper shredding, and recycling of paper, cardboard, and scrap metal while the SOCRRA Drop Off Center on Coolidge remains closed. These services are free of charge for SOCRRA residents. Additional information is available here or visit SOCRRA's website

Upcoming collection delay information
                 - Labor Day:  Monday, September 7,  2020 - Pick up delayed one day beginning Monday


The Waste Wizard search tool will assist you in determining which items can be reused, recycled, composted or disposed.  It's as easy as typing in the item you wish to learn more about and receiving information instantly. Try it out now or download the free mobile app "SOCRRA Waste Wizard" from your app store.  Also visit Socrra.org  to learn more.