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Troy, MI 48084
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Refuse & Recycling

Emily Frontera

Emily Frontera

Emily Frontera | Public Works Coordinator 

The Refuse and Recycling Division provides refuse collection by a private contractor, Tringali Sanitation, once per week servicing over 30,000 single-family homes, condominiums, mobile homes, duplexes, and small commercial businesses. Refuse from 3,284 apartments is also collected on a weekly basis.

City of Troy provides curbside recycling services to about 28,000 households. Troy residents recycled over 4,100 tons of materials including newspapers, glass, plastic, and metals.

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       Delayed Collection Info
                            - Labor Day: Monday, September 3rd - Pick-up delayed one day starting Monday

New to Troy - Mixed Recycling 
No more separating required. All curbside recyclables can be mixed together in the new recycling cart OR Bin.  No need to separate paper from the other recyclables - just throw it all in and wheel it out to the curb. To learn more click on the link below.

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