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Department of Public Works

Kurt Bovensiep Public Works Director

Kurt Bovensiep | Public Works Director

Creating a Clean and Healthy Environment for Everyone
The Department of Public Works  provides services that guarantee the continued safe, clean, and healthy environment that is a way of life for Troy residents. The service areas which address this responsibility are Streets and Drains, Fleet Maintenance, Facilities & Grounds (Park Maintenance), Refuse and Recycling, Troy R.Y.D.E. and Water & Sewer.

Contact Us!
4693 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48085

Streets & Drains: 248.524.3392
Water & Sewer Division/Billing: 248.524.3370

Refuse & Recycling: 248.524.3399
Transportation, Troy R.Y.D.E.: 248.457.1100

Irrigation Reminder:
Troy residents and businesses using irrigation systems this summer, please limit your watering to the non-peak hours of 11pm - 5am. Watering during this hours helps keep our water rates low! This does not apply to hand watering. 

Oversize/Overweight Road Waivers & Frost Laws
Not sure if you require a road waiver for hauling material or equipment in Troy? Check out the document below to  determine if you need an Oversize/Overweight Road Waiver for travel within the City of Troy. 
Oversize/Overweight Road Waiver Information
Apply for an Overweight/Oversized Road Waiver Permit
Frost Law Map

Volunteer Interest
Interested in working on a volunteer project related to Public Works? Contact us by filling out this form and emailing it to PublicWorksShared@troymi.gov. Once we review the information we will contact you to get a project started. 

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