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Department of Public Works

Kurt Bovensiep Public Works Director

Kurt Bovensiep | Public Works Director


City of Troy Boil Water Advisory Lifted
The Boil Water Advisory for the City of Troy is no longer in effect based on the results from the necessary water quality tests. The water is safe for regular consumption and is no longer necessary to boil water.

On April 10, 2024, a malfunction occurred in the Great Lakes Water Authority system, which caused water pressure to drop below 20 psi. Due to the short period of depressurization, the City is issuing a precautionary Boil Water Advisory for the areas between Crooks and Adams/ South Blvd. and Square Lake. In this circumstance, the City cannot guarantee the quality of the drinking water until the system's water testing has been completed; this will take 48 hours. An advisory does not mean that the water is contaminated but that there is a chance contamination has occurred.  

For more information regarding Boil Water Advisories:
Please visit Oakland County’s webpage at https://www.oakgov.com/government/water-resources-commissioner/drinking-water/boil-water-information

City of Troy Contact:
For any further questions, please contact the City of Troy Water Division at 248-524-3370.


Creating a Clean and Healthy Environment for Everyone
The Department of Public Works  provides services that guarantee the continued safe, clean, and healthy environment that is a way of life for Troy residents. The service areas which address this responsibility are Streets and Drains, Fleet Maintenance, Facilities & Grounds (Park Maintenance), Refuse and Recycling, Troy R.Y.D.E. and Water & Sewer.

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4693 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48085

Streets & Drains: 248.524.3392
Water & Sewer Division/Billing: 248.524.3370

Refuse & Recycling: 248.524.3399
Transportation, Troy R.Y.D.E.: 248.457.1100

Oversize/Overweight Road Waivers & Frost Laws
Not sure if you require a road waiver for hauling material or equipment in Troy? Check out the document below to  determine if you need an Oversize/Overweight Road Waiver for travel within the City of Troy. 
Oversize/Overweight Road Waiver Information
Apply for an Overweight/Oversized Road Waiver Permit
Frost Law Map

Volunteer Interest
Interested in working on a volunteer project related to Public Works? Contact us by filling out this form and emailing it to PublicWorksShared@troymi.gov. Once we review the information we will contact you to get a project started. 

Snow/Ice Control
Click here to see the most up-to-date status of snow removal

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