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Facilities & Grounds

Dennis Trantham | Facilities & Grounds Operations Manager

Dennis Trantham | Deputy Public Works Director

Tree Maintenance

Tree City USA LogoTrees are a resource that can contribute to the economic development of communities. They may not provide marketable goods, but trees generate "human services" that promote economic growth. In an information-based economy, firms and workers are highly mobile; research has determined that people move to places offering high levels of amenities, including urban forests. The benefits of an urban forest are possible only when they are planned and managed comprehensively as a 'green infrastructure'.

Citywide systems of roads and utilities deliver service in a comprehensive and predictable manner; likewise, planned systems of trees, parks, and green spaces provide plant and ecosystem benefits throughout Troy.

Troy has been recognized as TREE CITY USA for more than 25 years.

Visit the Recreation Department for information about Troy's parks and amenities.
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