City of Troy

500 West Big Beaver
Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 248.524.3300

Police Department

Police Department

Appointments are required for most in-person services. Payments and documents may be deposited in the drop boxes outside City Hall.  Please call (248) 524-3477 or email TroyPolice@troymi.gov for more information.

Frank Nastasi_002
Frank Nastasi | Police Chief

Core Values
These values reflect the principles, qualities and standards upon which our rules, orders, policies, goals, and operating philosophy are based. Although we may need to balance them, they are non-negotiable and we will never ignore them.

Integrity: We value ethical conduct, honesty, and truthfulness. We do what is right, pursuant to law and ethical standards, whenever we make decisions, engage in actions, or refrain from taking action.
Respect: We value human life, safety, and the dignity of people and commit ourselves to treating all people with compassion, respect, and concern.
Laws and the Constitution: We believe in the principles embodied in the Constitution and recognize the authority of federal, state, and local laws. We respect and protect the rights of all citizens and treat all persons fairly and without favoritism.
Accountability: We are accountable to each other and to the citizens we serve. Therefore, we will strive to understand community values and expectations, and will communicate responsibly, openly, and honestly among ourselves and with the community.
Problem Solving: We listen to complaints and the explanation of problems with empathy and sensitivity, and work with citizens to resolve the underlying causes of crime, disorder, and disruptions of the public peace.
Professionalism: We acknowledge the duties and responsibilities of our chosen profession, we demonstrate the specialized knowledge and skills we possess, and we commit ourselves to fulfilling our duties and responsibilities by utilizing our knowledge and skills in a manner that benefits our community.