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Department History

The Troy of the past was a stable farming community with a very low crime rate and very little traffic. Nevertheless, by the 1950’s there was a growing desire for the township to have its own police department so that response times would be short when emergencies did occur.

Historical picture of Troy Police Officer in police car

The Troy Police Department traces its history back to the July 1952 hiring of Chief David Gratopp and Patrolman Willard Schwandt who patrolled what was then Troy Township.

In November 1952, the Department added a third officer, Patrolman Eugene Sackner. In 1955, Troy incorporated and the Police Department began to grow, both in size and in scope of operation to meet the needs of the rapidly changing city.

Historical picture of Troy Police car in front of City Hall

The Troy Police Department is a full service agency of 102 sworn officers and 51 civilian personnel, serving a population of more than 82,000 residents. The Department enjoys an outstanding reputation within the community as well as with other law enforcement agencies.
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