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Communications and Lock-Up

The Troy Police Communication Center is staffed by 18 police service aides and communication supervisors. These civilian employees are responsible for processing and dispatching all police and fire calls for the cities of Troy and Clawson. On a yearly basis, communications staff receive over 100,000 emergency and nonemergency calls from our community and dispatch 50,000+ calls for service. 

The Troy Police lock-up facility is staffed by 12 police service aides who are responsible for searching, booking, fingerprinting and monitoring prisoners. Our lock-up staff serve as an integral part of the public safety process. In 2019, lock-up service aides processed over 1,900 arrestees brought in by Troy or Clawson officers. 

Civilian Careers
The Troy Police Department is staffed by more than 75 civilian employees, including 22 skilled police service aides responsible for operation of the Communication Center and Lock-up Facility. Additional information on civilian careers with the Troy Police Department is available.

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