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Big Beaver Corridor Study

Big Beaver Corridor

The Big Beaver Corridor Study was included by reference in the Master Plan adopted by the Planning Commission on October 14, 2008. The Troy City Council and the Troy Downtown Development Authority commissioned the Big Beaver Corridor Study in 2007. The intent of the study was to strengthen Troy's position as a regional economic force and evolve the boulevard and adjacent land uses to "World Class" status.

Big Beaver Design Guidelines

Big Beaver Corridor Study

The Big Beaver Corridor Study includes the following key concepts:

  • Gateways, Districts and Transitions
  • Trees and Landscape as Ceilings and Walls
  • Walking Becomes Entertainment
  • Mixing the Uses Turns on the Lights
  • The Automobile and Parking are No Longer #1.
  • Civic Art as the Wise Sage of the Boulevard

The Goals of the Big Beaver Corridor Study include the following:

  • Promote redevelopment opportunities along the Big Beaver Corridor.
  • Promote redevelopment with a greater mix of land uses, particularly new residences.
  • Transform Big Beaver Corridor into a destination or "People Place" characterized by round-the-clock activity and an exciting nightlife.
  • Maintain a unified vision for transforming Big Beaver Road into a World-Class Boulevard, while improving the corridor by focusing on each of its neighborhoods.
  • Maintain and improve existing businesses along Big Beaver Corridor.
  • Transform the corridor into a pedestrian-friendly environment.
  • Continue to provide convenient parking for uses along the corridor but promote parking that is unobtrusive and occupies the smallest possible land area.
  • Promote transit usage along the corridor and transit connections to the wider region.
  • Beautify the Boulevard through the addition of new landscaping and enhancement of existing landscaping.
  • Empower great design.

The following organizations were recognized by the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP) with the 2007 Outstanding Planning Project Award for a Plan for the Big Beaver Corridor Study:

  • City of Troy
  • Birchler Arroyo Associates, Inc.
  • Grissim Metz Andriese Associates
  • The Chesapeake Group, Inc.
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