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The Troy Fire Department's administrative offices are located within Troy City Hall at 500 W. Big Beaver Road, where the offices of the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, Staff Lieutenants, and Staff Technicians are located. These career staff members are responsible for numerous functions in support of the volunteers including, but not limited to the following: ADMINISTRATION
This function is responsible for all administrative matters including personnel, budgeting, policy development, recruitment of volunteers, technology, special operations, and coordination of emergency medical services.
  • Budget - Prepares annual Operating and Capital Budgets.
  • Policy - Develops department policy directives and tactical plans.
  • Personnel - Oversees recruitment & management of 180 volunteer firefighters; and management & administration of 11 career staff members.
  • Special Operations - Participates in countywide and regional mutual aid groups, and supports specialized teams.
  • EMS - Coordinates emergency medical services including paramedic first responder and advanced life support ambulance transport as provided under contract by Alliance Mobile Health.
This function is responsible for all matters related to fire prevention including public fire safety education, inspections of new and existing buildings, code and ordinance enforcement, plan review, permitting, hazardous materials reporting, and fire alarm registration.
  • Code Enforcement - Enforce the fire prevention code and related standards by conducting building and occupancy inspections throughout the community to help prevent fires and protect occupants. This also includes inspection and testing of fire protection systems including fire suppression, fire detection and fire alarms.
  • Plan Review - Review building construction and tenant renovation plans, fire protection systems, site plans, subdivision plats, and hazardous materials reporting submittals. Work cooperatively with Building, Planning and Engineering Department personnel during the construction of new buildings and site development.
  • Firefighter Right-to-Know - Survey, inspect, and develop computerized site-specific Hazardous-Alert/Pre-Incident Survey informational bulletins concerning hazardous locations throughout the City, in order to inform responding firefighters of hazardous conditions, and to comply with the Michigan and Federal Firefighter Right-To-Know requirements.
  • Fire Safety Education - Conduct fire safety educational programs and demonstrations to pre-school and elementary schools as well as civic, business, and special needs groups.
This function is responsible for all matters related to apparatus and equipment; facilities and maintenance; fire suppression and training; and fire investigations.
  • Emergency Response - Respond to fires and other emergencies, and mitigate hazards.
  • Apparatus - Develop specifications, and acquire and maintain fire department apparatus.
  • Facilities - When necessary, oversee maintenance and renovation of the six Fire Stations.
  • Equipment - Research, purchase, and maintain related tools and equipment.
  • Training - Administer and provide training for new members to become State of Michigan certified Firefighter I & II. Develop and coordinate in-service training for current firefighters and officers.
  • Reports - Prepare department activity and performance reports.
  • Fire Investigation - Investigate all fires for origin and cause. If a fire is determined to be accidental, education is provided to help prevent future fires. If a fire is determined to be intentional, it is pursued through the legal system for prosecution.
  • Juvenile Fire Setter - Counsel and educate children who have either started or displayed a curiosity towards fire.
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