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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division is led by a Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention, and is responsible for all matters related to fire prevention including inspections of new and existing buildings, code and ordinance enforcement, plan review, permitting, hazardous materials reporting, and fire alarm registration.

Fire Prevention Activities
Staff Lieutenants within this division enforce the fire prevention code and related standards by conducting life safety, building and occupancy inspections throughout the community. This also includes inspection and testing of fire protection systems including fire suppression, fire detection and fire alarms. During inspections, site-specific hazards and pre-incident survey information is documented. The documentation is provided electronically to responding firefighters during an incident. The Fire Prevention Staff reviews plans for new building construction, tenant renovations, fire protection systems, site plans, and subdivision plats. They work cooperatively with Building, Planning, Water, Streets, and Engineering Department personnel during  the construction of  new  buildings and site development.

Fire Prevention Information


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