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Fire Operations

Operations Division

The Operations Division is led by the Deputy Chief of Operations, and is responsible for all matters related to fire suppression, training and resources.  This includes responding to fires and other emergencies, the investigation of all fires, training, community services, and developing specifications for, as well as the acquisition and maintenance of apparatus, equipment and facilities.

The Troy Fire Department is comprised of six fire stations strategically located throughout the City. Firefighters, who are highly trained and certified by the State of Michigan, are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to requests for service such as fires, rescues, and other emergencies. The Troy Fire Department is unique in that staffing consists of an authorized strength of 180 volunteer members and 12 uniformed career staff members. 

The dedication of the fire department members and staff, along with the strategic location of facilities and purchase of equipment results in the fire department achieving a current ISO Property Protection Classification of 3. This rating is within the top 6% of all fire departments, career as well as paid on call / volunteer, in the United States.  This rating is an independent evaluation, and provides residents as well as business owners a financial savings in property insurance. 

Training Division
Training is overseen by a Staff Lieutenant who is responsible for developing and coordinating in-house and external training for current, as well as new, firefighters and officers. As in any job, training is a vital part of the organization, and our goal is for firefighters to constantly work on improving their skills so that they are always ready in the event of an emergency.  Troy firefighters log more than 23,000 hours of combined training hours annually, through weekly training at each fire station, monthly officer development training, and training programs put on outside of the TFD, presented by local and national instructors. 

Community Services
Community Services is managed by a Staff Lieutenant and is responsible for the interface of the Troy Fire Department with the community.  A primary component of this is Community Risk Reduction, and includes conducting fire safety educational programs and demonstrations to pre-school and elementary students as well as civic, business, and special needs groups.  Community Services is also the face of the department’s social media presence, as well as a key component in the TFD’s charitable endeavors. Troy Fire Department Community Services works in collaboration with the Troy Police Department’s Community Services Section at many community events, like Troy Family Daze and the Troy Traffic Jam.  

Apparatus, Facilities & Equipment
In the fire service, there is a constant need to ensure that the fire stations, apparatus, and equipment is ready to respond at all times. This is managed by a Staff Lieutenant, and requires regular inspections, certifications and maintenance, as well as a need to evaluate and purchase equipment based on new technologies.

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