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Firefighter Requirements

The Troy Fire Department is seeking volunteer firefighters at one or more of its stations. If you have the time and the desire to serve your community, please consider submitting an application. We may have an opening for you!

The requirements for submitting an application for volunteer membership within the Troy Fire Department include:

  • Live or work* around/near the City of Troy
  • Be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate, or possess a GED equivalent
  • Possess a valid Michigan driver's license
  • Have reliable transportation

Process to become a Troy Volunteer Firefighter:

  • Complete the on-line volunteer firefighter application form
  • Submit to a background and driving record check
  • Submit to one or more interviews
  • Submit to a medical examination
  • Submit to a physical agility test

*Written permission is required from the employer if leaving work in order to respond to incidents. Availability varies by station.

The requirements for maintaining volunteer membership within the Troy Fire Department include:

  • Complete the Firefighter I & II training academy within the probationary time period.
  • Attend a minimum of 40 hours of training bi-annually to achieve 80 hours of training annually.
  • Respond to a minimum of 50% of incidents annually during predetermined hours of availability.
  • Abide by department policies at all times.
  • Note: Firefighting is a physically demanding job. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness is strongly encouraged.


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