City of Troy

500 West Big Beaver
Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 248.524.3300

Facilities & Apparatus

Chuck Riesterer Fire Chief

Fire Stations & Apparatus

Fire vehicles such as pumpers (fire engines) and ladder trucks are commonly referred to as "apparatus." When looking at Troy's fire apparatus it's immediately apparent that they are not painted the traditional "fire engine red" color. Since the 1970's, TFD apparatus have been painted a specially developed color of yellow, appropriately identified as "Troy Yellow."

In the 1970's, the fire service in the United States started to experience an increasing number of traffic collisions involving fire apparatus. Studies revealed that the traditional red color of fire apparatus was difficult to see at night, so research and development lead to a unique color blend of green and yellow  known as "lime yellow" which was proven to be the most visible color under varying light conditions. Although visible, the color was not very appealing to many.

For many years, paint manufacturer and supplier Dupont was headquartered in Troy. After consultation, Dupont developed "Troy Yellow" which was not only more appealing, but was equally as visible under varying light conditions as lime yellow, and would not fade over time. TFD chose to paint it's red apparatus Dupont's Troy Yellow, and order all future apparatus in this color.

Since then, advancements in reflective striping and emergency lighting have lead many fire departments back to the traditional red color. Troy apparatus, however, remain Troy Yellow with the addition of reflective striping and high intensity warning lights. This combination provides the best of both methods of visibility.

The Fire Department operates & maintains 6 fire stations, 1 training center, and 1 suite of administrative offices.

Fire Station #1

Fire Station No. 1

1019 East Big Beaver
Apparatus: (2) 1,500 GPM Engines, (1) 100 ft. 1,500 GPM Aerial Platform Ladder, (1) Mobile Command Post truck
Fire Station #2

Fire Station No. 2

5600 Livernois
Apparatus: (1) 1,500 GPM Engine, (1) 100 ft. 1,500 GPM Aerial Platform Ladder, (1) 4x4 Grass Truck, (1) Boat
Fire Station #3

Fire Station No. 3

2400 West Big Beaver
Apparatus: (2) 1,500 GPM Engines, (1) 100 ft. 1,500 GPM Aerial Platform Ladder, (1) Air Tender truck

Fire Station No. 4

2117 East Maple
Apparatus: (1) 1500 GPM Engine, (1) 65 ft. 1,500 GPM Ladder, (1) Heavy Rescue truck
Fire Station #5

Fire Station No. 5

6399 John R
Apparatus: (1) 1,500 GPM Engine, (1) 75 ft. 2,000 GPM Ladder, (1) Utility truck
Fire Station #6

Fire Station No. 6

5901 Coolidge
Apparatus: (1) 1,500 GPM Engine, (1) 75 ft. 2,000 GPM Ladder
Fire & Police Training Center

The Fire/Police Training Center

4850 John R
Apparatus: Special Teams vehicles
Administrative Offices

Administrative Offices

500 West Big Beaver
(1) Fire Chief, (2) Assistant Fire Chiefs, (8) Staff Lieutenants, 
(1) Administrative Assistant,
(1) part-time Administrative Aide, (4) part-time Staff Assistants
City Hall Administrative Offices

Administrative Offices
Located in City Hall
Fire Prevention