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Finance/Accounting Responsibilities


Financial reports and budgetary inquiries are available to all departments on a continual basis.  Reports include current and previous year actual expenditures to compare to budgeted figures for ongoing analysis.  The Accounting Department maintains current information for these reports and inquiries by posting and updating financial transactions daily, and offers assistance to other departments by answering questions regarding this data.

Payroll Processing
Processing payroll for all City employees is an important function of the Accounting Department.  All time sheet information is recorded by the department, and income tax withholding payments related to payroll are processed in a timely manner.  In addition to maintaining records and processing the regular bi-weekly payroll for current employees, records are maintained and monthly checks are processed for the City’s retirees.

Accounts Payable Processing
The Accounting Department processes accounts payable payments weekly. For all expenditures, appropriate approvals and required procurement procedures are monitored. Requisitions for goods and services are reviewed and approved. Account numbers assigned by requesting departments are verified for accuracy before checks are issued. The address book for accounts payable vendors is maintained within the department. Accounts Receivable responsibilities include reviewing and approving the revenue collections process, and monitoring revenues received. Budget analysis is also performed.

Fixed assets and depreciable asset records are also maintained by the department. Asset lists are provided annually to other departments for the purpose of taking a physical inventory of the assets assigned to them.

It is one of the department’s goals to promote efficient use of financial assets. Investment records are kept by the department. Records of grant monies received are maintained in accordance with federal and state requirements. Associated expenditures are monitored for compliance and documentation is provided to the government entity as required.

The Accounting Department strives to provide accuracy, transparency and efficiency in the City’s fund management and financial record keeping.
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