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Right-of-Way Permits

When is a right-of-way permit required?
Anytime work is being performed in the right-of-way; whether it's maintenance work or new construction; private utility or public utility or similar activities within an easement. A permit is always required when making a new connection to a City of Troy water main, sanitary sewer or storm sewer regardless of the location of the utility, even if it is in your backyard.

Why is a right-of-way permit required?
To ensure that the work performed is done in accordance with the City of Troy's standard specifications; that the public infrastructure is not compromised; inconveniences to the public are minimized; and disturbed areas are restored to original or better condition.

Who should obtain a right-of-way permit?
It is highly recommended that the person or contractor performing the work obtain the permit. A home owner can pull a permit for a contractor if they are willing to assume the risk and liability for the contractors work.

What is needed to obtain a right-of-way permit?
  • A completed and signed application.
  • A map, plan and/or specification of the proposed facility.
  • Traffic plan in cases of work impacting a public road.
  • Proof of insurance with the City of Troy as an Additional insured (Endorsement must be provided).
  • Cash deposit along with the permit inspection fees. Fees are calculated by the Engineering Department after review of the application.
Where to obtain a right-of-way permit?
The Engineering Department is utilizing submittal of ROW Permits online through BS&A Online website, this allows for online application submittal, status inquiry, plan attachments, scheduling inspections, and payment of fees. An account must be created through:

Submit all necessary paperwork, surety, insurances and plans by attaching them with the original permit application online. Fees will be calculated once we receive the application. If you have any questions please contact Engineering 248.524.3383 or come to the first floor of City Hall, 500 W. Big Beaver. 
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