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Management Initiatives

Innovating change. 
We strive to lead by example within the region and we believe in doing government the best. It is the responsibility of the City Manager's Office to drive innovation and change through groundbreaking ideas and exciting management programs. 

We are changing the culture at Troy. To be true leaders and visionaries we must review, re-visit, and re-vision into the future. We encourage collaborative relationships within City Hall, residents, business owners, and visitors. 

Move Across Troy
Safely walking across Big Beaver Road is no easy task! With traffic exceeding 50,000 vehicles each day, the limited opportunity to cross restricts access for residents and the business community to the many dining and retail options that line the corridor. This experience has encouraged the City of Troy to explore alternative, best practice pedestrian technologies to help everyone move within the city.

We hosted the Big Beaver Symposium to bring together intellectuals, business stakeholders, residents, city council, state and county officials, and staff to discuss pedestrian mobility options to be implemented in future planning decisions. We're moving forward with our first improvement site at Automation Alley! Find out all the latest information below. 

Automation Alley

Global Troy
Global Troy is a city-wide comprehensive initiative to celebrate diversity and create a culturally competent community, where every resident feels welcome and included regardless of his or her diverse background. In April 2016, the Global Troy Advisory Committee was established. The committee members serve as a valuable resource as they bring different perspectives and help City Council adopt inclusive policy decisions. Internally, the City also launched the Global Troy Brunch and Learn series to equip city staff with cultural knowledge and awareness.  

Global Troy is an initiative that requires collective efforts from City Council, Global Troy Advisory Committee, city staff and Troy residents. The City of Troy believes a strong community is one that embraces diversity and will strive to continue being one of the most diverse and welcoming cities in the region.

Global Troy 

NEXT Professional Development Program
The NEXT Professional Development Program was created as an exciting and unique employment opportunity for students seeking university credit or recent grads pursuing new work experiences. NEXT Assistant do much more than make coffee and push paper. Here you learn about the career you want while gaining priceless, hands-on local government experience. NEXT is the opportunity to work in collaboration with Departmental leaders and specialists in Public Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and more to make a significant difference in our community. The City of Troy is here to help take careers to the NEXT level. 

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Interaction Troy
The Interaction Troy customer service initiative was founded on the themes of “Team, Train, and Test”. Our staff is assembled of strong team members, it is our responsibility to train them to the highest standard of customer service, and then measure the effectiveness of that training by testing. The motto, “Every. One. Counts”, reflects that every individual and every interaction, matters and that we must behave with this is mind.

The public deserves competent, efficient, and responsive service from its local government. Departments must continuously evaluate and reform their practices in order to meet this standard and work to improve it. The standard of quality for customer service must be equal to doing government the best. The City of Troy's "Top 5 Target Habits for Interaction" were collaboratively established as that standard.

Top 5 Habits