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New Voter Information

What Are Your Options for Returning Your Absentee Ballot? 

  • Bring your absentee ballot (with the numbered stub attached, and inside the secrecy sleeve) to the Early Voting Center during the early voting period, or to YOUR voting precinct on Election Day, sign the Application to Vote, show your picture ID or sign the Affidavit of No Picture ID, then feed your voted ballot directly into a tabulator (just like voters in Election Day precincts do!)
  • Drop your voted ballot (sealed inside the ballot envelope with your signature on the required line) into one of the 5 drop boxes located at City of Troy buildings (City Hall, Library, Community Center, Public Works)
  • Mail your ballot, no postage required for US Postal Service, or using any other commercial delivery service at your own expense, to the City Clerk's Office. We recommend mailing your ballot at least 2 weeks before Election Day.
  • Bring your ballot in-person to the City Clerk's Office in City Hall.

What is "No-Reason Absentee Voting" and "Permanent Ballot"?

  • Any registered voter can vote by absentee ballot without giving a reason
  • Any registered voter can be on the Permanent Ballot list to receive the absentee ballot in the mail automatically before each election by signing a one-time application and submitting it to the City Clerk's Office
    • More than 45 days before each election, Permanent Ballot voters should let the City Clerk's Office know if they would like their ballot mailed to a mailing address other than their home address (PO Box, vacation home, assisted living apartment, etc.) 
    • Voters opting to be on the Permanent Ballot list will remain on the list until they are no longer eligible to vote in Michigan, or until they request in writing that they be removed from the list.

When Can You Get an Absentee Ballot, and When Can You Spoil Your Absentee Ballot?

  • Last day to request Absentee Ballots by mail: 5pm the Friday before each election
  • Last day to request Absentee Ballots in-person at the City Clerk's Office: 4pm the Monday before each election
  • City Clerk's Office will be open 8am-4pm the Saturday before each election (there may also be additional extended hours)
  • Voters who have returned their absentee ballots, but wish to spoil and get new ballots, may do so until 4:30pm two Fridays before Election Day
  • Voters whose ballots have not been returned, and who wish to spoil their ballots and be issued new ballots through the mail, may do so until 5pm the Friday before Election Day. If those voters wish to spoil their ballots and obtain new ballots in person at the City Clerk's Office, they may do so during City Clerk's Office hours through the Monday before Election Day at 4pm.

When Can You Register to Vote?

  • Register by mail or online or at a Secretary of State's Office: until 15 days before each election
  • Register in-person at the City Clerk's Office: from 14 days before each election until 8pm on Election Day
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