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City Clerk's Office

Aileen Dickson, MMC, MiPMC II City Clerk

Aileen Dickson, MMC, MiPMC II | City Clerk

What's new?
In November, 2022, the voters of Michigan passed Proposal 2 which amended the Michigan Constitution and enhanced voters' options for voting. In the first half of 2023, the Michigan Legislature passed a series of bills, that were subsequently signed by the Governor, to implement Proposal 2 throughout Michigan. The voters of Troy saw these new options in place beginning with the November 7, 2023 City General Election. A few of the most prominent new options are:

  • 9 Days of Early Voting: Voters are able to vote and tabulate their ballots at the Early Voting Center located inside the Troy Community Center for 9 days before each Election Day
  • Permanent Mail Ballot: Voters are allowed to complete one application, then the City Clerk's Office will automatically mail their absentee ballots before each election (unless the voter moves from Michigan, or is no longer eligible to vote)
  • Voters are allowed to personally tabulate their absentee ballots at the Early Voting Center inside the Troy Community Center, or at their voting precinct on Election Day

What do we do?

The mission of the City Clerk’s Office is to build trust and confidence by promoting transparency with access to public records; ensuring access to free, fair, and secure elections for all voters; securing vital records for events in Troy; providing records management services to all City departments including City Council; and, providing excellent customer service to all internal and external contacts.

The City Clerk's Office provides clerical service to the City Council by preparing the agendas and recording the minutes of City Council meetings. The City Clerk is the parliamentarian for City Council.

As official keeper of the records, original minutes of all meetings of the City Council and Boards and Committees are kept and archived in the City Clerk's Office. Birth and death records are kept for all events occurring in the City, and certified copies are made available to those eligible to purchase them.

Business Licenses such as temporary merchants, peddlers, and medical marijuana caregivers are issued in the City Clerk's Office. The filing of petitions, lawsuits, subpoenas, and Freedom of Information Act requests occurs at the City Clerk's Office as well. The City Clerk is the FOIA Coordinator for the City of Troy. The City Clerk's Office also provides notary services (some fees may apply for notary service).

The City Clerk's Office conducts elections in accordance with State and Federal law. The City Clerk administers the Oath of Office to City officials, Police and Fire sworn personnel, and appointees to boards & committees. 

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