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Election Inspectors
An integral part of every Election Day is having great Election Workers that assist in the coordination of voting at our polling locations! This is a great opportunity to serve your community and to be involved in the election process. Please review our materials below if you are interested in working for the City of Troy during elections. 

To Apply: Complete the Election Inspector Application and submit it to:

Troy City Clerk,  500 W. Big Beaver Road,  Troy, MI 48084

Important:  Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, must be completed and submitted with your Election Inspector Application.  Please bring these documents to the City Clerk's Office: US Passport or Driver's License/ID Card, and Social Security card.  The City of Troy requires a copy of your Social Security card to be on file for audit purposes. Students (16-17 years old) must submit Michigan Work Permit with their Student Election Inspector Application.  In addition, please complete the Poll Worker's Code of Conduct and return it to the City Clerk's Office.

Requirements: Must be a registered voter in the State of Michigan. Must not have a felony or election crime conviction. Must not be an election challenger, a candidate or member of a candidate's immediate family. Must select political party affiliation (party registration is not a requirement) to ensure balanced staffing at the precincts. Students must be at least 16 years old and meet voter registration requirements (except for age). Must attend (paid) election inspector training prior to working. 

Hours: Election Days: 6 am - 9 pm (approximately); Part-time hours are available.  Student hours must follow State of Michigan (CA-7) Work Permit guidelines.

Pay: $15.00 per hour (Election Day and training); Chairperson Bonus: $75; Co-Chairperson Bonus: $40

Precinct Duties: Election Inspectors work with the chairperson, co-chairperson, and other inspectors to set up the precinct on Election Day. They assist voters throughout the voting process by checking their identification, verifying that the voter is eligible to vote and is in the correct voting precinct, recording the voter in the electronic poll book, assigning/issuing their ballot, assisting them with tabulating their ballot, as well as resolving any issues that arise during the day. Election Inspectors also assist in closing the precinct after the polls close at 8 pm.  

Absentee Counting Board Duties: Election Inspectors open, separate, and count all absentee ballots received by the City Clerk's Office. Typical hours are 7 am - 9 pm, or until the ballot counting is complete.

: Contact the City Clerk’s Office at 248.524.3316 or by email at elections@troymi.gov.

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