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The City of Troy uses BSAonline.com for our cemetery management software.  Anyone can view cemetery records from City-owned cemeteries:  Beach Road Cemetery, Crooks Road Cemetery, Perrin Cemetery and Troy Union Corners Cemetery.   Click on BSAonline.com to view cemetery records, then under Public Records Search, select "Cemetery Management Search" on the left side of the screen.  A search bar will appear.  Click on the dropdown field next to By: to change it from "Address" to "Name".   


Crooks Road Cemetery, 3701 Crooks Road
Cemetery Map
This was originally the private cemetery of the Sprague family. In 1850 Orrin Sprague sold this acre of land for $40.00 for use as a public cemetery. It is located in the east central part of section 20 on the west side of Crooks Road between Big Beaver and Wattles roads. Many of Troy's important first setters are buried in this cemetery. Most of the markers are in excellent condition. Parking and pedestrian access are available at the south end of the cemetery

Troy Union Corners Cemetery, 1199 E. Square Lake Road 
Cemetery Map
Also called Union Corners Cemetery, this is the oldest and largest public cemetery in Troy. It was established in 1831 on a hilly three-acre parcel in the southwest quarter of section 2 along Square Lake Road between Rochester and John R. west of Atkins Road. The cemetery contains many Troy war veterans. Many early stones have deteriorated but inscriptions are still readable. There is pedestrian and vehicle access at the site. No new burial sites are available.

Beach Road Cemetery, 5360 Beach Road
Reuben and Marietta Ann Beach settled in northwestern Troy Township in the early 1820s. Their family cemetery was established in 1854 on one acre in section 7 along Beach Road between Long Lake and Square Lake roads. It was deeded to the township prior to 1875 and is no longer active. In 2001 the City of Troy placed a boulder style marker near the entrance inscribed with the names of those buried there. Many of the original grave markers were missing or had completely deteriorated. This cemetery has a pedestrian entrance but does not have parking spaces or a road.

Perrin Cemetery, 1050 Coolidge Highway
Calvin Perrin and his wife Mary came to Troy from New York in the 1830's and settled on 160 acres along what is now 14 Mile Road between Crooks and Coolidge roads. Several other members of the Perrin family settled nearby. Their family cemetery was established in 1840 and deeded to Troy Township c. 1850. It is about one acre in size and in the western central part of section 32. Pedestrians may enter at Coolidge Road. Some of the older stones have deteriorated and their inscriptions are unreadable.

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