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City Attorney

Lori Bluhm__2024

Lori Grigg Bluhm | City Attorney

The Troy City Attorney provides legal services to City Council, City Management, and the various boards and committees of the City. The City Attorney does not give private legal advice, but does refer citizens to available legal services.

The City Attorney represents the City in all proceedings and matters in which the City has a legal interest and provides legal advice to City Council, the City Manager and other departments and officers of the City. The City Attorney cooperates and interacts with outside agencies and entities, such as the County Prosecutor, various law enforcement agencies, the Secretary of State, other units of local governments, the State Legislature and the United States Congress.

The staff of the City Attorney's Office prepares and/or reviews all ordinances, contracts, bonds and other written instruments and prosecutes ordinance violations. They update the Council on all matters of law and changes or recent developments affecting the City.

It is the responsibility of the City Attorney to handle for the City all cases in the United States Supreme Court, U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals, Oakland County Circuit Court, 52-4 Judicial Court, Michigan Tax Tribunal, Federal Communications Commission, Secretary of State hearings and various other agencies and boards.

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