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Code & Charter

City of Troy Charter and Code

Troy City Charter
Document that established Troy as a municipal corporation on June 13, 1955. It describes the City of Troy's official operating procedures, organization of government and municipal powers as well as many other aspects of the City's role as a governing entity.


Troy City Code
Document that contains all ordinances including those dealing with administration, parks, public grounds, streets, sidewalks, zoning, planning, businesses, trades, building, electrical, heating and plumbing regulations, and police and traffic regulations. It excludes ordinances granting franchises and special privileges, establishing sewer and other public improvement districts, providing for the construction of particular sewers, streets or sidewalks, or for the improvement thereof, and for the construction and improvement of other public works, authorizing the borrowing of money or the issuance of bonds.

Code Table of Contents

Copy Available
If you would like to purchase the Troy City Charter and Code, contact the City Clerk's Office at 248.524.3316. Each copy of the Charter costs $10.00, and the Code costs  $50.00. If you only need certain portions of the Charter or Code, it is $1.00 for the first page, $.50 each additional page. 

Important Notice
The online version of the City of Troy City Code and Charter document contains updates through the date indicated on the first page. The Troy City Clerk maintains the official hard copy version of the Troy City Code and Charter. This copy may be viewed at:

City Clerk's Office
Troy City Hall
500 West Big Beaver
Troy MI 48084
Phone: 248.524.3316


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