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Inspection Call Numbers

Building Department 24-Hour Inspection Hotline: 248.689.5744

Inspections have to be called in by 3:00 pm the day before the requested inspection date. You must call the inspection line to request the inspection. See the contact list for the name and phone number of the inspector(s).

  • To get an AM or PM window time to meet the inspector, call the inspector between 8:00 am and 8:30 am the day of the inspection.
Sidewalk and Approach Inspections: Department of Public Works, 248.524.3392

  • Inspections need to be called in by 4:15 pm the day before the requested inspection date as same-day inspections are not performed.
  • Exact appointment times will not be provided. Appointments are either scheduled in a morning or afternoon time block. Available time blocks are 8 am - 12 pm or 12 pm to 3 pm.
  • If the appointment needs to be canceled for any reason, such as inclement weather, please call as soon as possible to avoid a re-inspection fee.
  • Appointments can be scheduled online 

Final Grade Inspections: 248.524.3383
  • Questions: George Ballard, Land Surveyor w/Engineering Dept. 248.524.3594

Final Site Compliance Inspection (Commercial Projects): 
Fill out application online, print and fax to 248.524.3382.


Inspection conducted by the Planning Department Staff: 248.524.3364

Fire Department Inspections/ Fire Prevention Division: 248.524.3419

  • 48-hour notice required for all inspections (Hydrostatic Test, Fire Alarm, Underground Flush, Hydrant Flow Test, Final C of O)

Office Hours for the Inspectors
Inspectors are available (in the office) between 8 - 8:30am. Feel free to call them on their direct phones when needed. See contact list for inspector names and phone 

Tommaso Caporuscio Deputy Bldg. Official
Commercial Plans Examiner
  • Direct: 248.524.3374
  • Email: tommaso.caporuscio@troymi.gov
Rikki Varieur Senior Permit Technician
  • Direct: 248.524.3350
  • Email: Rikki.Varieur@troymi.gov
Michael Coraci Electrical Inspector
  • Direct: 248.524.3356
  • Email: Michael.Coraci@troymi.gov
Neil Samaan

Mechanical Inspector
  • Direct: 248.524.3353
  • Email: Neil.Samaan@troymi.gov
Theodore Achatz Plumbing Inspector
  • Direct: 248.524.3367
  • Email: Theodore.Achatz@troymi.gov
Christopher Loveless Building Inspector
  • Direct: 248.524.1445
  • Email: Christopher.Loveless@troymi.gov
Mutahira Khawaja

Office Assistant
  • Direct: 248.524.3334
  • Email: Mutahira.Khawaja@troymi.gov 
Dee Beane Office Assistant
  • Direct: 248.524.3533
  • Email: Dee.Beane@troymi.gov
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