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Neighborhood Associations

Contact Information for Neighborhood Associations
Please note this list is for reference only. Dues and other information is subject to change at any time. Contact the association directly or view their website for the most up-to-date information.

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Adams Pointe Homeowners Association
Contact: Chuck Negohosian | President 248.792.3760

Beach Forest Subdivision | Email
Dues: $350 annually, due February 1
Beach Forest neighborhood is located on the southwest side of W Square Lake Rd and Coolidge Hwy, east of Beach Rd.

Briarwood Manor Homeowners Association
Contacts: Lucretia Conley, Vice President | Lisa Havlish, Treasurer
Dues: $200 annually, due May 1

Bridgewater Estates HOA
Contact: Larry Fair, President | 248.568.3481

Buckingham Woods - Cedar Ridge Homeowners Association
Email Buckingham Woods - Cedar Ridge HA

Cherryhurst Subdivision | Email
Contacts: Nancy Savickas, President
Dues: $145 annually, due April 1
Annual association meeting in March

Crescent Ridge & Parc Homeowners Association | Email
Contacts: Crescent Ridge/Parc HOA Board Members
Dues: $120 annually
Annual association meeting in the Spring and annual garage sale

Crestwood Condominium Association
Contact: Sridhar Palepu, Treasurer
Dues: $175 annually

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East Long Lake Estates I | Email
Chelsea Fritz, President | Dues: $35 annually

East Long Lake Estates II | Email
Ed Kempen, President | Dues: $35 annually
Annual neighborhood garage sale in spring, ice cream social/picnic in summer, and a Halloween costume parade in October

Emerald Lakes Village Homeowners Association | Email
Contacts: Jim Tompkins, President
Dues: $220 annually, due February 28
Annual garage sale - September

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Forest Creek Homeowners Association | Email
Contacts: Ryan Enderle, President
Dues: $200 annually, due April 30
Other Info: Annual association meeting in May

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The Glens at Carlson Park Homeowners Association | 
Contact: Jackie Baxter
$400 annually, due February 1
Annual Easter Egg Hunt in spring, ice cream social in June, Fall Festival in September, and annual meeting in May

Golf Trail Homeowners Association | Email
$70 annually, due January 1
Board association meetings held 12 times per year, annual garage sale, Easter Egg Hunt, Block Party, and Halloween Parade held throughout the year.

Greentrees Homeowners Association | Email
$50 annually, due January 10
Annual garage sale in June and Block Party in August

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Harrington Park Condo Association
Contact: Larry Goodman, Secretary

Hickory Heights North Park Association
Mike Orrell, President
$150 annually, due July
Annual Halloween Party

Hidden Forest Homeowners Association
Nisha Chandrakapure, President | 248.251.6570

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Lake Charnwood Property Owners Association | Email
Karen Kraft, Treasurer | 248.250.3652
$250 on the lake | $175 off the lake annually

Laurel Wood Homeowners Association | Email
Wally Bojan, President | Michael McCarty, Vice President | Susan McCarty, Treasurer
$75 annually
Several annual events such as Earth Day Cleanup, garage sale, and picnic

Sandy Paci, President
$100 annually, due each January
Annual association meeting in October or November

Contacts: Paula Stevenson, President |
Dues: $25 annually, due each January
Other Info: Perks for dues-paying members: Easter Egg Hunt, Luminary Kit Distribution, Christmas Decorating Contest for Homes, Bimonthly newsletter

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Manor Homes of Troy
Email:  Property Manager

Morel East Homeowners Association
Email contacts directly.
Contacts: Dawn Pullis, President | Hafsa Rahman, Vice President | Edouard Piche, Secretary
Dues: $100 annually, due February 13

Mount Vernon Estates Homeowners Association
Email Mount Vernon Estates HA
Contacts: Katherine Greig, President 
Dues: $30 annually, due June 1
Other Info: Visit our website for info and events

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Email: Kathleen
Contact: 248.641.9070
Other Info: With its focus on a family friendly environment, preventative maintenance program, superb amenities, scheduled replacements and improvements, and a dedicated forward-thinking Board of Directors, Northfield Hills has sustained its reputation as a “great place to live” through the years.


Contact:  via email
Dues: $212 annually, due April 1
Other Info: 

Oak River is a friendly community consisting of 230 homes with 10.5 acres of
commons area along the banks of the Rouge River. There are 54 homes with backyards facing the Rouge River Commons Area and 40 homes located, in the interior of the subdivision, that are designated tree preservation sites. Our goal for the Commons and Tree Preservations Areas is to improve wildlife habitat, and water quality run off. 
The Oak River Homeowners Association consists of 9 volunteer directors serving 3-year terms and 10 committees chaired by board directors or volunteer residents. If you are interested in becoming a board director or work on a committee, send your contact information to oakriver48098@gmail.com

Oak River East Phase 1 Subdivision Association
Email: oakrivereastno1@gmail.com
Contact: Ellen Chase | 248.229.6060
Dues: $150 annually
Location: HOA is south of Briggs Dr (includes Hallmark, Wintergreen & Birch Run and all streets south to Wattles).

Oak River East Phase 2 & 3 Subdivision Association
Email: oakrivereast@gmail.com
Dues: $225 annually due by April 30
Location: HOA Begins at Briggs Drive & continues North. Bordered by Coolidge and Long Lake Road.

Orchard Hills of Troy
Dues: $150 annually, due April
Other Info: Orchard Hills of Troy is located in the very northwest part of Troy, at the SW corner of South Blvd and Coolidge Hwy.  It offers a park-like atmosphere with rolling hills, only 69 homes, and relatively large lots - so neighbors enjoy its spacious "small-ness".  It's unique, in that it's bordered by nature, "open land", all around: Troy's Stage Nature Center is on its south border (a 100-acre preserve with hiking trails), Troy Farm is on its west border (5 acres, Troy's 1st urban farm), and Pine Trace Golf Course is on its north border in Rochester Hills. Beyond all of this, Troy's Firefighters Park is just "across the street" to the east - less than 1 mile away at Coolidge Hwy and Square Lake Road.  Orchard Hills of Troy is a wonderful place to live.

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Pine Hill Civic Improvement Association
Email contacts directly.
Contacts: Suzy Madlangbayan, President | Kevin Miller, Vice President | Peter Johnson, Treasurer
Dues: $20 Voluntary Donation Suggested
Other Info: Annual association meeting in April

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Raintree Village Homeowners Association
Email Raintree Village HOA
Contacts: Call the general line: 248.988.0180
Contacts: David Eisenbacher, President | Craig Chamberlain, Vice President |  Bill Jenuwine, Treasurer
Dues: $33 annually
Other Info: Monthly board meeting on second Monday of the month, September - June. More information on the website.

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Shallowbrook Homeowners Association
Email Shallowbrook HA
Contacts: Kaj Ostergaard, President
Dues: $25 annually, due March 1

Somerset North Subdivision
Contacts: George Baker, President 248.515.0673 | Carmen Armin, Vice President
Dues: $200 annually due October 1 
Located in Troy, just north of the Somerset Collection at Big Beaver and Coolidge. 
The family-oriented neighborhood contains 143 houses built from 1991 to 1995.

Somerset Place in Troy
Email Somerset Place in Troy
Contacts: Jim Guisinger, President | Pradeep Korgavkar, Vice President
Dues: $200 annually, due April
Other Info:

Stoneridge Homeowners Improvement Association
Email Stoneridge HA
Contacts: Call the general line: 248.667.8206
Dues: $75 annually, due March 1
Other Info: Annual garage sale in May and Block Party Annual Picnic in September

Sugar Maple Village Homeowners Association
Contacts: Michael Rupert, President 248.635.5749 | Tony Venditelli, Vice President | Patrick Bouchard, Secretary | Susan Bouchard, Acting Treasurer
Dues: $75 annually, due February 28
Other Info: Located east of Livernois, south of Long Lake.  108 lots in the Subdivision. Annual meeting 3rd week of April at Troy Community Center

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Timbercrest Homeowners Association
Email Timbercrest HA
Contacts: Venu Yerramsetty, President | Vinay Virupaksha, Vice President
Dues: $225 annually
Other Info: Annual association meeting in April

Troy Meadows Homeowners Association
Email Troy Meadows HA
Contacts: Anthony Butcher, President | Michael Shea, Vice President
Dues: $125 annually, due May 1
Other Info: Annual garage sale in June

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Washington Square Homeowners Association
Contact: 248.505.3580
Joe Cole, President | Nancy Cole, Treasurer | Meghan Carlisle, Secretary
Chris & Amanda Moon, Co-Vice Presidents
Dues: $45 annually due May 1
FB: Washington Square Estates

Wattles Creek Condominium Association
Contact: 248.362.4418
Dues: Information unavailable

Contacts: See website
Dues: $550 annually, due in April
Other Info: Annual Meeting, Summer Party in June and Halloween Party in October
Located in the heart of Troy, our beautifully landscaped neighborhood features a secluded park area with a walking path.  We are within easy walking distance of the Troy Family Aquatic Center, Community Center, tennis courts, Public Library and the Troy Dog Park.  We also border the wooded City of Troy Philip Huber Park which has a half mile nature walk. We are a diverse community of 51 residences consisting of new families and original owners.  The Westwood Park Homeowners Association has an elected Board of Directors that oversees and manages the operations and affairs of the subdivision.

Wexford Parkhomes
Email not available
Contacts: Call the general line: 248.689.8025
Dues: Information unavailable

Windridge Park Homeowners Association
Contacts: Timothy Kraftson, Treasurer
Dues: $100
Other Info: N/A

Woodlands of Troy
Contacts: Daniel Raubinger, President | Treasurer | Secretary |
Dues: $100 annually, due June 1

Woodside Manor
Located off Square Lake Road, east of John R
Contacts: Leslie Accardo, President | William McGrath, Vice President
Dues: $200 
Other Info: N/A


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