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Columbia Center

We believe a strong community embraces diversity, promotes innovation, and encourages collaboration.  We strive to lead by example within the region.  We do this because we want everyone to choose Troy as their community for life.  We believe in doing government the best. 

Troy has grown as a global business hub. With Fortune 500 corporations, global companies, and small businesses alike calling Troy home, new high-paying jobs and opportunities are emerging in Troy. Companies in fields like engineering, research & development, product testing and others find that Troy has tremendous assets including an outstanding central location, excellent schools, a talented pool of employees, and a wide array of retail, residential and restaurant options.  All these benefits make Troy the perfect place for businesses to launch their success story and continue to grow. Troy keeps pace with the ever changing times in order to remain attractive and viable to its 83,270 residents and 6,000 businesses that employ more than 129,000 people. 

Troy is a prime location for new and expanding businesses. Home to seven million square feet of retail space, 21 million square feet of office and engineering space and 16 million square feet of manufacturing space, Troy’s business environment is progressive and diverse with a mix of major corporations and small local businesses.  Located in the heart of Automation Alley, southeast Michigan’s world-renowned technology cluster, Troy is at the center of global automotive technology and manufacturing and a major contributor to Michigan’s ranking as one of the largest high-tech workforce employers in the country. 

Automation Alley Flower SignCombine the City’s abundant job opportunities with an excellent quality of life and it comes as no surprise that Troy offers one of the state’s friendliest business environments.  With our forward thinking Master Plan, new and flexible Zoning Ordinance, Troy provides development processes that are fast, fair and predictable.  Those interested in relocating or expanding their business in Troy can expect to receive a warm welcome from the City’s Economic Development Team.

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