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  • This site is hosted by BS&A, and is used to search property, tax, water/sewer and building permit information, and to make payments online.  Payments are managed through Point & Pay, a third-party payment processor, the fees for which are described below.
  • Information on this site is updated daily.
  • Payments for delinquent taxes are NOT reflected on this site and cannot be made on this site.  For more information, see "DELINQUENT PROPERTY TAX INFORMATION" at www/troymi.gov/Treasurer or contact Oakland County at 248.858.0611, Option 7, or www.oakgov.com

  • For credit and debit card payments, there is a 3% fee ($1.50 minimum).
  • For E-Check (electronic check) payments, there is a $3 flat fee (for transactions up to $10,000); $6 for transactions $10,000 or more.
To make an online payment, click Online Payments

To view tax, water/sewer and building permit information and history, click Search Tax and Water/Sewer Accounts

  • Homeowners must first register in order to view information free of charge.  Hover over down-arrow in top right corner, then click Register, OR select Register in the ACCOUNT box at bottom left side of the page.
  • Sign in, then search by address, name or parcel #.  Click on the line item.
  • For BS&A lookup help, call 1-855-272-7638, and ask for the IT Department, or email bsaonlinesupport@bsasoftware.com

To print a tax bill and/or verify that a payment has been made:

  • Select the Tax Information tab, then scroll down to the Tax History section, and click the arrow next to the season.   Scroll down and click the “Click here for your Tax Bill” box.  Payments applied and balance due are displayed at the bottom right.  This form can be saved as a PDF (upper right corner).

Although this website is extremely reliable, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the City of Troy cannot guarantee that the information on BSAOnline.com is always 100% accurate, timely and complete, and any errors or omissions does not negate the taxes, special assessments, water/sewer bills or building permit fees that are due and payable.  All official records are at City of Troy City Hall.
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