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Did you know that you can now recycle your old Christmas lights over at the DPW? Please place lights in the box at the front of the building.

Beginning October 7th, the SOCRRA Recycling Center (including paper shredder, styrofoam recycling, household hazardous waste disposal, and electronics disposal) will be CLOSED until further notice.  See SOCRRA's website for more details. Hazardous Household Waste & Electronics Drop Off Events

Recycling is collected weekly curbside on your trash day. Collection starts at 7 am and runs until complete. Small City of Troy Recycling Bins are available at the SOCRRA Recycling Center located at 995 Coolidge for $12/each.  65-gallon carts have been distributed by SOCRRA to each single-family residence in Troy; you can start using the carts right away.  

You may keep your old recycling bin to use as storage around the house or you can drop it off at the SOCRRA recycling center at 995 Coolidge; please do not put the old bin in your new cart or on the curb to be recycled or disposed of. 

Please note that plastic wrap, plastic bags of any kind, and styrofoam will not be picked up curbside.  You can take these items to the SOCRRA Recycling Center at 995 Coolidge. 

For more information, you can visit SOCRRA's website!

Mixed Recycling ProgramSOCRRA Recycling Cart
Recycling is about to get a lot easier for Troy residents! SOCRRA has delivered a 65-gallon recycling cart to every single-family household in its member communities; and because SOCRRA is converting to a Mixed Recycling facility, ALL curbside recyclables can be mixed together in the new cart! No need to keep paper separate from the other recyclables - just throw it all in and wheel it to the curb.  Recycling will now be as easy as taking out the trash. Learn more about the mixed recycling process and how it works by clicking the link and watching the video below.

Recycling Video

Cart delivery is complete! Look for the information card that will be with your cart and remember - with Mixed Recycling, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal recyclables go together in one cart.

Learn More

Using Your Recycling Cart
Paper, cartons, metal, glass, cardboard and plastic can all be combined in your cart.  Please rinse out cartons, cans, and any other food containers before placing in your cart.  All recycling must be placed in your cart, anything placed outside the cart would be considered trash.

Recycling paper & cardboard

  • You can recycle paperback books, newspapers, junkmail and cardboard/paperboard (i.e. cereal, laundry soap boxes, ice cream containers, milk and juice boxes), just place all paper items in your bin or cart - no bundling, baging or tying required.  
  • Shredded paper should be placed in a paper bag, then placed inside cart.
  • All cardboard must be placed in the cart or bin. Please flatten completely, reducing pieces to no larger than 3'x3' in size or or your recycling bin. Please remove and dispose of all packing material. Please note that cardboard jammed into the cart may get stuck, so please follow instructions to ensure that your cart can be fully emptied.

Recycling plastic, glass and metal containers

  • Plastic, glass, and metal containers can also be placed loosely in the recycling bin/cart.
  • Plastic containers/jugs/bottles of any # plastic can now be recycled. Rinse and place in bin.
  • Empty metal aerosol cans
  • Clear, Blue, Green & Brown Glass bottles/jars - rinse out  and place in bin (no ceramics, mirrors, coffee cups, plates or window glass)
  • Metal cans/metal lids/pie tins: clean, place loose metal lids inside metal cans and squeeze.

Recyclables that go to SOCRRA
Please do not place any of the following items in your cart or bin, they can not be recycled curbside and must be taken to the SOCRRA Recycling Center (995 Coolidge) to be recycled:

  • Styrofoam
  • Scrap metal
  • Paints and chemicals
  • Plastic bags
  • Electronics
  • Batteries

Household Batteries
Batteries can no longer be collected in the large, 65-gallon recycling carts, please take them to SOCRRA to be disposed of.  If you are still using a small recycling bin, you can place in batteries in a zip top bag and place in recycling bin.  Note: batteries are not recycled, SOCRRA collects batteries curbside through the recycling program as a convenience to residents so they may be properly disposed of.

Styrofoam Recycling at SOCRRA
The following items can be dropped off at the SOCRRA recycling center located at 995 Coolidge. No appointment is necessary.  You can not put these items in your cart or bin to be recycled curbside. 

  • Cups & takeout containers
  • Egg cartons
  • Rinsed meat trays
  • Food trays/lunch trays. Must be rinsed off ~ NO food remnants.
  • Molded packaging forms & shapes
  • No Styrofoam Peanuts