Emergency Response & Preparedness Resources

The Emergency Response and Preparedness Section (ERP) is responsible for the planning, coordination, and implementation of the City of Troy Emergency Operation Plan, and all Police Department Emergency Operation Plan annexes and appendices, and shall serve as the department’s representative to the Emergency Management Committee.

  • ERP prepares and administers Homeland Security and other police and fire grants.
  • ERP advises police personnel with regard to emergency management matters, and keeps all Emergency Operation Plans (E.O.P.) issued to the Department, up-to-date and serviceable.
  • ERP is responsible for the budgeting and overseeing of the City of Troy’s Emergency Medical Services contract, the coordination of the City of Troy’s Special Response Unit and the Oakland Metro Regional Response Team.
  • ERP is the representative on the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee (ATAC) for the State of Michigan.  
  • The Emergency Response and Preparedness Section is supervised by Kristin Dayag.

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