Workplace Violence Prevention

Every type of business is vulnerable to violence, from retail businesses to law firms. Threats in the workplace can come, unexpectedly, in a variety of packages.

  • Employees' domestic issues can spill into the workplace when tempers flare.
  • Disgruntled customers can turn a normal professional office or retail setting into a danger zone.
  • Threats can come against another business located in your office building, putting your staff at risk.
  • Employees who work late or travel alone can be easy targets.
  • Employees can be enraged after having been laid off or after a performance review.

Workplace safety is the responsibility of employees and employers alike.

Will you recognize the warning signs before an emergency?

Are you prepared to respond quickly in the event of an emergency?

Will you be reacting to a situation or event once it's happened or will you be ready with a contingency plan in place?

Contact the Community Services Section to schedule a presentation on Workplace Violence Prevention at (248) 524-3477.